Change of Address

I recently received an offer to purchase

Name: X
Domain Name (If available):
Describe your web development needs:
Hi Zane,
My friend owns, .org, .biz, and .info. I was helping him set up his sites and domains, and one of things on the agenda is a daily blog. He noticed a blog already at that he believes is managed by you. We are wanting to purchase that site (or well, its wordpress login, content, etc) from you. It would be great of a daily blog he is wanting to add into his sites.
Could you email us an asking price, and what prodedure it would require to move the site over to us. We could do a paypal transaction, or whatever you are confortable with.

Also, do you happen to own

Thanks! Let us know ASAP!

Being a curious sort of fellow I did a whois lookup on to verify that someone was indeed trying to start a business. Sure enough the email address of the domain owner matched that which had email me. Since I do not maintain this blog I figured I had no issue moving to a new address for a reasonable fee. I replied with the following…

Hello X,

No, I do not own

I would be willing to transfer ownership of my supportreview wordpress user for $515.24 (which ends up being $500 after Paypal fee’s).  I will retain the rights to all content currently hosted on and will transfer it to a different location.  I will then delete all of my content from the location and provide you the username and password for this WordPress account (which will then be completely empty with the default theme installed and available for you to use as you wish).  I will test the login and password prior to sending to you to ensure that it works.  After I email you the working username and password my services will be complete and you will own .  I would recommend changing the password to your user.

As part of the terms of transfer you agree to not use my name in any way on this site.  I do not want anyone to make posts that appear to be mine on this site.  Since I have owned this site up until now this is the only risk that I see in selling this to you.

If you agree to the terms of this agreement please reply with confirmation explicitly stating “I agree to the terms in your email” and paypal $515.24 to (email) .  I will transfer my existing site to a different location and send you the working username and password to account within 7 days of payment receipt.  Again, will be blank of all content and will have the default theme installed.

Note:  I have to share with you that there are plenty of other blogging platforms out there for you to use.  e.g. blogger.  I am not sure why you are so interested in using wordpress free blogging tool and paying for an existing domain.  It would make more sense to install a copy of wordpress (which is open source) on your own server and make a url such as since you already own  Let me know if you are interested in using my web development and hosting services to set this up for you.  My prices are very affordable.



The next day I had $500 in my paypal account with an email agreeing to the terms. So far so good! I exported my posts, registered a new address, and moved my site.  I cleared the previous user, changed the password and emailed “Brian” the username and password for the site.  I received an email back saying thank you and all is good.

After a few hours I visited the site.  One post.  A remake of a previous post I had made on this site about which had been updated from this:

to this: was established in 2006.  They have serviced thousands of customers over the last 7 years.  They have provided the following about their services.

We do our  best every day to please our customers, to try to earn their repeat business, and to make whatever service they choose (LLC formation, DBA registration, EIN filing, tax extension, social security card application prep, etc.) simply as easy and trouble-free as possible.


Well played “X”!  I have updated all links to my previous post.  If you linked to my story please update your links.  Thank you.


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