Office Depot Catalog Spam

I just received an Office Depot catalog in the mail that was the size of a phone book. This surprised me because an event that happened a week or two ago. I received a phone call from an Office Depot Rep during work hours on my private phone line while on a conference call. He asked if everything was well with business and wanted to make sure I didn’t need anything from Office Depot (apparently Office Depot is getting desperate). They referred to me by the business name of a startup that I started two years ago that didn’t make it to fruition. I told the Rep kindly that I did not wish to receive any phone calls and that I was busy on another call. After 5 mins of jabber he finally let me go. I was very clear to him that the business was no longer at this address and that I did not wish to receive any phone or mail spam from Office Depot ever again. Apparently the message didn’t transfer because I received the catalog.

So I just walked in from the mailbox, checked the rest of my mail then called the number on the magazine to ask to be removed from whatever distribution list mailed me the catalog. After waiting on the line for about 20 mins someone finally picked up. A woman in a very noisy call center asked how she could help me. I explained the issue. She asked me for my name, phone number and address. I avoided giving her my phone number for a couple mins then decided it might be smart because she may need it in case we get disconnected and it also might help her find my “account”. After giving her the information she repeated 3 or 4 times she asked if I could hold, I said yes each time wondering why she continued to ask. Eventually she asked a final time and the phone went silent. I thought “NO WAY, did she just hang up on me?”. I waited a few seconds for the hope that she just put me on hold. Eventually my phone started making the off the hook noise and now I am pissed. Hence why you are seeing this article!

I just sent a description of the experience as a complaint via their webpage with a link to this site. Lets see how they respond.

Two complaints. One, do not mail any more catalogs to xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, Charleston SC xxxxx. This is a residential address and the catalog fills my entire mailbox. Send no more.

Second, I just called to make this same request via your 800 number. I gave your rep my phone number and after 20 mins she hung up on me. She had my phone number and did not reply. Please respond. I will be publishing this experience and your response on my blog which averages around 3-4 visits a day. Thank you.

Update 12/30/09: I just received yet another catalog 😦 . I called 800.915.4624 to complain. They told me to send an email to with my Customer ID#, input my address and request to no longer receive catalogs. Jesus H. Christ.


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