Comcast Relocation Request

For my first review lets do Comcast Cable Television.  I am sure many of you have had to deal with Comcast Television support before.  The attempted transaction I will try to accomplish is a simple “Move” notification which would require Comcast to receive input of a date, account information and a new location.  They should then check services available in the new location as well as current service technicians in that area’s schedule.

 Step 1:  Call 1-800-Comcast

Dialed 1-800-Comcast.  Select English.  Select change account or services.  After a few rings I am disconnected.  Not going to try that one again.

Step 2:  Try online support.


Selected Live Chat.  After a few failed recommendations I open a chat (this one was unfortunately not captured for your entertainment.  I closed it before I started this blog.  In summary, after 30 mins of telling the technician details about me and my account the technician fwd me to .  I filled out all forms and found that this section put me in line to chat with another technician.  Place in line, 30.  I tried to explain how asinine this was that I would be placed back in line to talk to a technician but eventually sensed the communication capabilities of the technician at hand was limited.

I close said chat window and wait an hour for the new technician to arrive.  This conversation flows as follows…

user Zane has entered room

Zane(Tue May 27 11:11:21 EDT 2008)>Order Information

analyst Emerjoy has entered room

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:47:32 EDT 2008)>Hello Zane, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Emerjoy. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:47:34 EDT 2008)>Welcome to the online chat portion of the Comcast Transfer of Service order system.  Let me take a few moments to confirm the serviceability of your new address.  Please feel free to ask any questions you might have as we work through this process.

Zane(Tue May 27 11:48:06 EDT 2008)>Hello

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:48:39 EDT 2008)>Hello Zane, how are you today?

Zane(Tue May 27 11:48:41 EDT 2008)>Good

Zane(Tue May 27 11:48:44 EDT 2008)>so how does it look?

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:49:25 EDT 2008)>Your new address is serviceable Zane, we can proceed with the transfer process.  In order to do so, I must verify security on your existing account.  Can you please give me the account number or the last 4 digits of the account holder’s SSN?

Zane(Tue May 27 11:49:35 EDT 2008)>xxxx

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:49:42 EDT 2008)>Thank you. I understand you are interested in transferring Digital Package; High-Speed Internet to your new address. Is this correct xx Xxxxxxx,xxxxx?

Zane(Tue May 27 11:50:32 EDT 2008)>yes

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:50:46 EDT 2008)>Please provide the nearest Cross intersection to your new home, so that the installer will have an easier time of finding your residence and we can ensure a punctual appointment. Thank you.

Zane(Tue May 27 11:51:19 EDT 2008)>Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxx

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:51:27 EDT 2008)>The technician may call approximately 15 minutes before arrival to your installation appointment. Please note that in the event that the technician does not receive an answer, the appointment may not be honoured. Is this the telephone number you would like the technician to call xxx-xxx-xxxx?

Zane(Tue May 27 11:51:37 EDT 2008)>no

Zane(Tue May 27 11:51:43 EDT 2008)>xxx-xxx-xxxx

Zane(Tue May 27 11:52:04 EDT 2008)>xxx-xxx-xxxx is my house phone number and I am not sure they will successfully transfer the phone in time

Zane(Tue May 27 11:52:25 EDT 2008)>I need to have the transfer done on the 21st as My wife and I work from home and need internet Monday

Zane(Tue May 27 11:52:47 EDT 2008)>is that a problem

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:53:01 EDT 2008)>I apologize, but we ask that you chat back with us closer to your move date.  The schedule has not yet been updated on our online chat system and we are not able to view available time slots for disconnection and installation as of yet.

Zane(Tue May 27 11:53:26 EDT 2008)>That is unacceptable

Zane(Tue May 27 11:53:32 EDT 2008)>I waited almost an hour for this chat

Zane(Tue May 27 11:53:52 EDT 2008)>You are to contact your manager and figure out how to schedule me for the 21st of June

Zane(Tue May 27 11:53:55 EDT 2008)>I am not doing this again

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:54:47 EDT 2008)>I do apologize Zane.  You can contact 1800COMCAST or visit a Local Comcast Office and they will be able to process your transfer immediately.  The Online Chat system does not offer us the flexibility to view schedules that far ahead in time.

Zane(Tue May 27 11:54:57 EDT 2008)>if you expect to type anything but ok please have your manager call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx immediatly

Zane(Tue May 27 11:55:07 EDT 2008)>ok,  have your manager call me

Zane(Tue May 27 11:55:14 EDT 2008)>I called 1800 comcast and it is down

Zane(Tue May 27 11:55:32 EDT 2008)>I chatted with a tech who forwarded me to which forwarded me to you

Zane(Tue May 27 11:55:40 EDT 2008)>and I am not doing this again

Zane(Tue May 27 11:55:57 EDT 2008)>so you will lose me as a customer if you do not have you manager call me right now

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 11:56:07 EDT 2008)>Let me see if a supervisor is available to take a chat.

Zane(Tue May 27 11:56:12 EDT 2008)>thank you

Zane(Tue May 27 11:59:14 EDT 2008)>What is the ETA?

(about 30 mins past.  during this time is born)

Zane(Tue May 27 12:08:15 EDT 2008)>FYI,  While I am waiting I am creating a blog to review you and your companies response to this request.

Zane(Tue May 27 12:08:29 EDT 2008)>Everything from here on out is being recorded and is being published.

Zane(Tue May 27 12:08:41 EDT 2008)>I urge you to hurry up

Zane(Tue May 27 12:08:52 EDT 2008)>I am writing

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 12:09:15 EDT 2008)>I’m going to need you to be patient with me while I transfer our chat to a supervisor.  Both accounts are also being reviewed.

Emerjoy(Tue May 27 12:12:10 EDT 2008)>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

analyst Eric has entered room

Eric(Tue May 27 12:12:25 EDT 2008)>Hello, my name is Eric and I’m the supervisor on duty at the moment.  I understand that you have questions regarding the disconnection and reconnection process, is that correct?

analyst Emerjoy has left room

Zane(Tue May 27 12:12:44 EDT 2008)>Hello

Zane(Tue May 27 12:12:55 EDT 2008)>are you there

Eric(Tue May 27 12:13:12 EDT 2008)>Yes, I am, Zane.

Zane(Tue May 27 12:13:38 EDT 2008)>can you call

Zane(Tue May 27 12:13:41 EDT 2008)>xxx-xxx-xxxx

Eric(Tue May 27 12:15:30 EDT 2008)>I’m afraid I’m not able to contact you by phone, as this is a chat center.  I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience associated with this process, however due to the inavailability of local scheduling slots, it’s not possible for us to schedule a disconnection and reconnection for you at this time at the national level through chat.  By visiting a local Comcast center in person, you may be able to have an arrangement made for a manual setup, but it cannot be setup through chat at the national level.  My apologies again for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.

Zane(Tue May 27 12:15:41 EDT 2008)>Epic Failure

Chat closed.

To be continued.  I have had enough Comcast for the day.


4 thoughts on “Comcast Relocation Request

  1. i hate comcast so much. their incompetence surprises even me. i don’t even want to begin to count the number of problems i’ve had.
    let me list just a few:
    * technician watching poker at my house
    * not transferring my email when i moved
    * being routed to 5 different regional call centers even though i punch in my LOCAL phone number and zip code
    * technician leaving live wires exposed
    * charges for service i never received nor requested
    * call centers not in the US
    * my account is on autopay through comcast. i am not ghetto and have never paid a bill late in my life. i regularly receive phone calls and bills stating there has not been payment. i do not understand how this happens. the charge is on my credit card. i pay through their stupid website. how can the payment not be received.

    i can go on and on

  2. i hate comcast too.

    i’d go a few days a month sans internet because my internet was always down. and when they realized it was because of the modem (that i was renting from them), they sent a technician to “fix” the problem which was basically switching out their modem with my own modem. then they charged me $20 for this.

    when i called to complain, the customer service representative had the nerve to say that comcast does not rent out faulty modems, and that perhaps the modem fell or i dropped it.

    and i know for sure it’s their modem because i haven’t had any service problems ever since i’ve been using my modem.

  3. This is prime example of the customer not understanding.

    quote: The Online Chat system does not offer us the flexibility to view schedules that far ahead in time.

    That would have been an indication that this rep was not going to be able to assist. Move on.

  4. Move on to what? The phone support that wasn’t working

    quote: This is prime example of the customer not understanding.

    This is a prime example of a customer getting upset about wasting an hour of his time before finding out that some guy in India can’t do a damn thing for him. I hear what your saying but your not taking into account all the time I wasted trying to do this.

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